A weekend in Rome- A Travel Tale

Lucignano to Rome Friday morning we were up at sparrow fart, ready for a weekend in the eternal city, Rome. The trip from Lucignano, Tuscany to Rome involved an early bus to Arezzo and train to Rome.  All up the trip would take about 6 hours. A second coffee stop was...

Visit Burano in Spring-A Travel Tale

 Burano, a riot of colour When we think of Burano, we think of an island, but it is actually an archipelago like it's much larger neighbour Venice.  Located in the northern Venetian Lagoon, it is actually 4 islands, famed around the world for their multicoloured...

Mesmerised by Venice-A Travel Tale

Mesmerised on arrival We mean, really, you would think after traversing Iran, to visit the tomb of Cyrus the Great; gazing at the golden horn in Istanbul, or imagining the roar, as you stare at the Colosseum, you would be a little jaded when viewing new places. Not...

A week in Vilnius-A Travel Tale

Travelling from Riga to Vilnius The last destination on our 3 week journey through the Baltic States was Vilnius, the capital city of  Lithuania.  If you have read our previous Travel Tales, you will know we had a great  bus trip from Tallinn to Riga, with...

Our Prague Travel Guide

Prague (Praha), is the capital of Czechia or as it is more commonly known outside Europe, the Czech Republic. It is renowned as the city of 100 spires and once you visit you will know why. There has been a settlement in the region of Prague since the Paleolithic age,...

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