The Eastside Gallery Berlin-The Wall

For those who grew up in the Cold War era, the Berlin Wall was an immutable fact of life; the once great European city would always be divided both physically and ideologically by "The Wall" as it was known. For those of us not in Germany or the Eastern Soviet Bloc...

Riga-The Travel Guide

Riga, the capital city of The Republic of Latvia and the largest city in the Baltic States, is located on the Baltic Sea at the mouth of the Daugava river.  It's historic centre is UNESCO World Heritage Listed and is renowned for it's well preserved Art Nouveau and...

A week in Riga-A Travel Tale

Travelling to Riga Riga, the capital of Latvia was the second stop on our 3 week journey through the Baltic States. We travelled to Riga by bus from the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. We arrived at the bus depot in Tallinn with quite a bit of time to spare as we were...

Tallinn-The Essential Travel Guide

  Tallinn is the capital and largest city of Estonia. It is a quaint, small city with a large history.  It's Old Town is one of Europe's most beautifully maintained medieval cities, gaining it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Tallinn also listed as one of...

7 Days in Tallinn – A Traveller’s Tale

Arriving in Tallinn It was a happy couple who kipped our first night in the capital city of Estonia, Tallinn. To be fair it would not have taken much to put us to sleep after the rather long and sleepless cruise from Stockholm. Throughout our travels we had erred on...

3 months in Europe with Possess the World

It is a little over 3 months since our last 2017 review and we have been busy little travellers. We know you remember where we had been and what we had been up to but just in case you need to refresh your memory, you can check out our first 6 months of travels here....



  • Sunday morning cruise, Ninh Binh Province style. #ninhbinhvietnam #ninhbinhtrip #rowing #vietnam #mistymountains #halongbayonland #travellife #travelgram #possesstheworld
  • This morning we rode around the Ninh Binh province with Scott our host from Ninh Binh Family Homestay and met some of the local farmers. Vietnam can be a reality check, these people work so hard everyday and yet they smile, laugh and joke with tourists who turn up to take photos of their hardship!!
This is however proper organic farming, they are planting cucumber seeds in a mixture of mud and buffalo manure, to promote growth before planting the seedlings in the fields. All the food grown here is sold at the local markets
#localfood #organic #hardworkingwoman #hardworkingman #vietnam #learningfromtravelling #luckyus #igtraveler #travelblog #travellife #travelgram #biketour #ninhbinh #ninhbinhvietnam #possesstheworld
  • #2017bestnine
  • This very happy but huge Buddha is at the Bai Dinh Temple in Ninh Binh region, he stands above the temple complex and brought a smile to our faces 😀#ninhbinhtrip #vietnam #baidinhpagoda #travellife #buddha #possesstheworld

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