Welcome to the third blog post in the PossesstheWorld.com Travelling with a Chronic Illness series.

Living with a chronic illness can be challenging in ways that many of us never even think about. Just imagine how challenging that can make travelling.

We asked a group of travellers and bloggers about their illness, challenges and travel tips.

By sharing the stories of travellers with chronic illness we hope that you will find inspiration, travel tips and resources which might help you or someone you know to experience the wonderful world of travel.

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Without further ado, let’s introduce our third Traveller-Aireona from the Nightborn Travel blog.



The Nightborn Travel blog provides responsible travel guides for seeing nature and learning about history around the world.

Aireona recently graduated with a PhD, proof that even with anxiety and other chronic conditions, you can live your dreams!

Aireona is now working to establish her blog as her career, she is currently writing and exploring options to provide ecotourism consulting.

She travels both with friends and solo, her travels have seen her visit New Zealand, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and South Korea.



How does your chronic illness affect your life and travel?

I have a few different issues that I am dealing with, but the main ones are migraines with auras, anxiety, and chronic ulcerative proctitis.

Of these, anxiety is the biggest hurdle for me, especially because it makes the other two worse. Unfortunately, unlike many travel bloggers that I see out there, traveling doesn’t make my anxiety go away. If anything, being on the road makes me feel more anxious.

Anyone with migraines also knows that travel can be difficult, and I have had to develop a few different methods of coping with them when I am outside of my comfort zone.

Luckily, my digestive problems have been a part of my life for so long, I can usually deal with them, but the real stress there is having to deal with getting the needlessly expensive medication that I need here in the US.

Kind of seems like the cards are stacked against me when it comes to traveling! But despite how hard it can be sometimes with occasional anxiety attacks, migraines, and digestive hiccups, I am just so passionate about exploring that I insist on finding ways to take care of myself so that I can get out in the world.



Are there any special considerations you take when travelling?

I don’t use any apps or anything like that to manage my conditions while traveling or at home, but I have a few suggestions for fellow travelers with any of these conditions or other medical hurdles.

Are there any travel tips you would like to share?

First off, plan ahead! This is advice that you get all the time, but I have to say it anyway.

Make sure that you have your meds with you, and try to have an idea of what you will do if any of your normal problems arise. For me, this means keeping my prescriptions with me as well as over the counter stuff like Advil, Excedrin and Imodium. But it also means thinking about what I will need to do, and what resources will be available if something goes wrong.

Second, do have travel insurance. It really isn’t that expensive if you shop around, and it helps put my mind at ease while I am out there. There are also plenty of stories about how important travel insurance is, so even if you aren’t an anxious person, it is good to have.

Finally, and most importantly, for travelers with chronic conditions, remember, put yourself first. Prioritize your happiness and your health. I have had lots of people express doubt about my travels because of my health issues (and being female). But only I know what I am capable of, and the same goes for you. No matter what other people think, if you want to travel, do it.

On the other hand, I have also traveled with people who are really uneducated about what living with chronic illness is like, and I have had to be really insistent with them when I need to take a break or make special arrangements for myself.

Sometimes this is really hard, and can even make me feel a little weak, but it is always important to make your health number one, even if that might be disappointing to your travel partner.

Traveling doesn’t solve my chronic conditions, but any extra challenges that I face while being on the road are worth the adventure.



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