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Featured in Evade Magazine UK

Today is an exciting day for us at, we have been featured in the first edition of Evade Magazine UK. Evade Magazine are based in London UK and dedicated to delivering quality, in depth, independent journalism on topics ranging from politics to travel. We have had 3 articles featured in the first edition: Our Travel Guide to Singapore Our Travel Guide to Istanbul Accessing Health Care Overseas- Know Your Rights We have also had 2 of our images featured on their social media account and in the magazine. We look forward to working with Evade again in the...

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Ouarzazate-A Traveller’s Tale of an overnight trip from Marrakech

We were collected early (7:15 am) from our home in the heart of the Marrakech Medina, by a driver who was to deliver us to the bus for our trip to the edge of the Sahara desert (or so we had thought), Ouarzazate. It was a revelation to be moving easily through the narrow winding alleys as the medina was waking up, when only the street sweepers, rubbish collectors, souk stall holders with donkeys or horses, bread sellers and men roaming with large teapots offering tea or coffee were up and about. The rose pink and ochre shades of...

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One night in Tangier

Tangier is a bustling port city in the North of Morocco, the perfect spot to depart for the south of Spain. The bus journey from Chefchaouen to Tangier was a real pleasure, the bus traversing wide valleys against backdrops of craggy mountain ranges. The bus station at Tangier is located well outside the city and we were obliged to get a taxi into the Hotel Continental. The taxi cost us 70 Dhs and seemed like a pretty reasonable deal, who knows if it was or not.  Our faith in taxi drivers across the world remains low, one never knows what...

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Prague in Winter- A Traveller’s Tale

We flew into the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, on a winters  afternoon, over dazzling snowfields, broken up by small forrest tracts. You have to remember that snow is a novelty to Aussies, we are more likely to see red dust on the side of the tarmac. It really was a wonderful sight, surreal almost or should we say Kafkaesque? Fortunately the runways were clear and we landed without incident. We  negotiated customs and passport control without a hitch which was a marked contrast from our departure  from Turkey, where it took over two hours to get our...

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Meeting Friends in Sligo- A Traveller’s Tale

When you are travelling long term or living overseas, it is always nice to have a few little reminders of home and the best kind comes in the form of friends who will make the effort to visit  you. We knew it was going to be a long day when we booked our flight to Ireland from Malaga. The plane was due to go at 7:45am and the only shuttle we could get was at 5:00am, so we were up and about at 4:00am. It wasn’t until we were at the airport that RyanAir pulled its now common trick...

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