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3 Days in Gothenburg, Sweden-A Traveller’s Tale

We arrived in Göthenburg by train from Malmo and found the tram to our AirBnB, right outside the central station. The trams are quaint retro style rattlers painted cream and light blue, quite charming as they trundle around the city and it reminded us of Melbourne, bringing on a touch of nostalgia. Two stops later we arrived at our accommodation which was at the upper end of the budget allowance, in honour of Cath’s birthday. It had looked great in the AirBnB pictures, however in reality, it was more mundane and three floors up with no lift! The good...

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How to spend a week in Malmo-A Traveller’s Tale

When heading for Scandinavia, we had wanted to stay in Copenhagen but alas there was no accomodation, or none that we were willing to pay for; hence we decided to stay across the Øresund straits, in Malmo.  In fact it turned out that what we thought was an apartment in Malmo, was about 5 kms away from the city in a suburb called Bunkeflostrand. Sometimes the map just doesn’t really tell the story or maybe sometimes we just don’t research enough.  What the hey? There we were and the best of it, we would make. In all honesty we...

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Travel Guide to Sweden

Sweden is the largest of the Nordic countries, the northern area is contained within the Arctic.  The capital Stockholm is made up of 14 islands and lies in an archipelago of 24000 islands. Sweden and wider Scandinavia are renowned amongst travellers as expensive travel destinations; this guide should help you to save some money whilst you enjoy the peace and quiet of Sweden. We visited 3 cities Stockholm, Malmo and Gothenburg, you can find out information about our time in each of the cities in our Traveller’s Tales. Click on the links contained within this article for more information....

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Wandering in Copenhagen-A Traveller’s Tale

Our trip from Belgium to Copenhagen did not get off to the best of starts; perhaps it was the couple of beers we had enjoyed the evening before, or perhaps we have become a little bit blasé about planning properly.  It is probably best to err on the side of those cheeky Trappist Monks getting the better of us with their high powered ale. Thinking we had mastered the busses in Maldegem we caught the bus to Bruges (when we actually meant to go in the opposite direction to Eeklo), from where we caught a train direct to the...

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A week of highlights in the Lowlands-Maldegem, Belgium

Belgium is known as the Lowlands and it is flat, very flat but don’t mistake that for boring, Martin McDonagh got it wrong, oh so wrong, when he described this part of the world, as the most boring… in Europe. Our trip to Belgium from Ireland via Amsterdam (yes Amsterdam again!) was seamless, almost…. We left our bags at our hotel, the A-train Hotel, a cheap and quirky train themed hotel directly across from Centraal Station, while we booked our tickets.  We had a couple of hours to spare and as we now know Amsterdam so well it was...

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