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A day trip to Cordoba

We decided to visit the Mezquita at Córdoba, the renowned world heritage Mosque/Cathedral, on a Sunday during our 2 weeks in Alorà. In a short time we had traversed a few smaller roads and were on the A-45, an excellent dual lane freeway. The median strip was populated with the ever present oleanders, but this time they were a mixture of cream, pink and crimson, providing a relaxing break from the traffic. The freeway took us through a diverse landscape, large rolling valleys, huge jagged rocky outcrops of oranges and greys, deep valleys and vast plains. But one thing...

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How to do a day trip to Granada-Travel Tales

The planned trip to Granada was a bit slow off the mark, what with first breakfast, followed by a shower and second breakfast. It was 10:30 before Ian programmed the GPS in the iPhone for Alhambra Granada and we were away. We thought it was a bit strange that HereMaps sent us off via Antiquera and indeed it was. Cath couldn’t understand why we were being directed through the middle of Antiquera, until she rechecked the program and found that we were being directed to a street in Antiquera of the same name. Oops! After a bit of bad...

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A must do for Foodies in Seville

Do you want to experience food like La Abuela (Grandma) makes? Then this is for you, authentic, traditional, sourced at the market daily, fresh food.  Where else but the food bowl of Europe? Spain. The Andalucian region and it’s magnificent city of Seville are a Foodie’s heaven, even if it is not quite as flash and well to do as the northern regions of Spain. We were given a tip for real, homemade, authentic (read non tourist) food by our AirBnB host and as he said “like my Abuela makes”, we knew it was a MUST. The Antigua Abacería...

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2 nights in Sevilla-Travellers Tale

We climbed out, of Alora, via Ardales and then on up through the mountains, past Campanillo, until the countryside became less undulating and flatter. The closer we came to Seville, the flatter it became until we were crossing the kind of plains the rain mainly stays on, apparently. Seville appeared in the distance and then we were traversing the long outer industrial suburbs which seemed to drag on forever. Eventually as we neared the city centre, we encountered wide avenues and parks, until we crossed the river into Triana and the modern apartment buildings closed in. After a couple...

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A must do for Foodies in Prague

The Eat with Locals Food Tour  was recommended by our Airbnb host, Zuzanna. We should say at the outset, we do not usually take tours, preferring to find out about a city ourselves but this is an absolute must do. We chose to do the Old Town Food Tour and we were lucky to have a cool but sunny winters day to wander through the city, visiting places that are both traditional and trendy but most definitely not the usual tourist haunts. We booked and paid for our tour online and received an email with instructions on where to...

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