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Singapore-a perfect city for a 3 day layover

Our year long travel adventure started with a three day layover in Singapore en route to the Maldives, with a whole lot of excitement and a modicum of trepidation on our way. We flew Scoot airlines from Melbourne to Singapore, a budget subsidiary of Singapore airlines, we got a great deal on SCOOTBiz and would highly recommend the experience. It’s always great to get on at the pointy end of the plane, even if it is a budget airline. On arrival in Singapore we used the MRT, the train into the city, there is no need to use taxis...

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3 days in Isfahan, Iran

Isfahan or Esfahan is located in central Iran and is known for it’s Persian architecture and UNESCO world heritage listed square. We travelled to Isfahan, by VIP bus and thanks to our hosts in Shiraz at Parhami Traditional house the bus company were expecting an Aussie couple and quickly had us organised on the bus. The 1100 o’clock bus left at 1030 and we were pretty impressed by the efficiency although we did wonder what happened to the people who turned up at 1045 for the 1100 bus. The landscape is quite awe inspiring with mountains that seem to emerge...

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3 days in Tehran-Capital of Iran

      Tehran is the capital city of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a city of 16 million people. It is a metropolis like any other city around the world, noisy, busy and harried. It is fair to say that we did not gel with Tehran and will just have to back to see if we can learn to love it. The overnight train journey from Yadz ended with the sunrise over the capital of Iran, Tehran. We arrived to find a mass of taxi drivers at the door of the station, all lining up at a small...

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2 Days in Yazd, Iran-A traveller’s tale

  Yazd has a history of over 5000 years and is a don’t miss destination in Iran. It has unique Persian architecture, the world’s oldest air conditioners- wind catchers and is home to the Zoroastrian faith. It is a 4 hour bus trip from Isfahan to Yazd and again we found the bus very comfortable, on time (if a bit early) and easy to catch. As we only had two days in Yazd to explore after settling in to our accomodation at The Orient Hotel, we headed out to discover the city. It is a much smaller, less frantic...

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Travel Health-Managing your medication while travelling

Travellers of all ages may need to manage medications whilst travelling but this is more relevant to those of us over 40 and especially those of us with chronic conditions that must be managed in order to keep us fit, healthy and on the road. Chronic conditions include but are not limited to: Diabetes Heart disease High Blood Pressure Cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, vascular disease Arthritis Airways disease such as emphysema, COPD, Asthma Thirteen top tips for managing medications on the road Always see your Doctor/health care professional when you are planning your travel, inform them of where,...

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