Do you want to experience food like La Abuela (Grandma) makes? Then this is for you, authentic, traditional, sourced at the market daily, fresh food.  Where else but the food bowl of Europe? Spain.

The Andalucian region and it’s magnificent city of Seville are a Foodie’s heaven, even if it is not quite as flash and well to do as the northern regions of Spain.

We were given a tip for real, homemade, authentic (read non tourist) food by our AirBnB host and as he said “like my Abuela makes”, we knew it was a MUST.

The Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo is off the tourist track and not easily found. It is a small building, in a quiet working class street, all the better for keeping the tourist hordes at bay, except for us and now you. We were lucky to get a table without a reservation and arriving at about 1.30 seems to be the key if you have not thought ahead (like us) and booked.  It is a tiny space, with a rustic, down to earth feel, so don’t expect silver service, when the food is this good you don’t need it.


We considered the menu with a glass of red wine and the obligatory olives, which were a little tart and for some reason had carrots included.We had been advised to order the “menu a dia” and decided that would be the best option, although the rest of the menu looked pretty appealing.  The menu of the day, is reflective of what the ladies who own, cook and serve at the restaurant find at the market, on their early morning visit.

On the day we were there, in late May the menu was:

  • Roasted peppers with oil and salt
  • Cold roasted pork with olive oil and black sea salt on crispy toasted fresh bread
  • Roasted sweet potato paste with balsamic sticky drizzle served on crispy fresh bread
  • Steak tartare and salad
  • Roasted seasonal vegetable and goats cheese stacks with sticky balsamic vinegar
  • Ratatouille topped with fried egg and Angulas (baby eels)
  • Slow cooked sheep liver with stewed vegetables and garlic

And of course, all washed down with a bottle of red recommended by our waitress from the Bodega El Pujio, 2015.

Now, we should have stopped eating when those dishes were done, but Ian was in full gourmand mode and wouldn’t be stopped from ordering dessert: a chocolate cheesecake with chocolate sauce.  Cath who didn’t want Ian to feel like a little piggy on his own joined in and enjoyed a typical Seville torte, a wafer like biscuit, sugar coated with aniseed and sesame seeds. The name of which we were unable to find out, if you know please let us know.

Do you know the name of this? Let us know

Ian is always whingeing about lukewarm coffee and so he was delighted that they not only went out of their way to make him a “Spanish” cappuccino, but it was HOT! Cath burnt her lips on the cafe espresso….

The total bill was €69 and there was no way that we needed to eat for the rest of the day, or possibly the next. You know we did though, don’t you?

So that was that, like two fat cats we waddled off to find a spot to siesta; a bottle of wine at lunch takes it’s toll in the Seville sun, let us tell you.

We should also mention that the front of the restaurant is a deli style shop, so you can take home some goodies too.

This is not a sponsored or paid for post, we just loved it and hope you do too.

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